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Here's The Thing...

Apr 23, 2021

Ben Rein is back and he is now officially Dr. Ben Rein, PhD! He joins me (literally) on the road to his new position at Stanford University. He shares what he has been up to since joining us last, the future of ASC and his passion for continuing to reach a hand down to help the next generation of scientists figure it out!


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email: or Instagram: @the.brein


  • Welcome back!
  • What to expect in season four
  • What Ben has been up to lately
  • Why we don’t dream every night
  • Can dreams truly be forgotten
  • The importance of rum cycles
  • Why do some events seem to last longer than others
  • How a nightmare made Ben decide to switch careers
  • The scariest part of changing your destiny
  • How high schoolers can start getting real job experience
  • How you can connect directly with Ben