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Here's The Thing...

Sep 18, 2020

Ben Rein a 5th-year neuroscience Ph.D. student at SUNY Buffalo, studying the genetic and neurobiological basis of autism spectrum disorder. In addition to his passion for research, he finds great satisfaction in teaching and helping others, particularly those struggling with the same challenges that he has faced. For that reason, he created ASC, the Aspiring Scientists Coalition, a free-to-join organization designed to provide guidance to students pursuing careers in the sciences!



You can connect with Ben on Instagram and TikTok @the.brein

Connect with Kim on TikTok @kimlukens, or you can also message us on IG @heresthethingteenpodcast.



  • Welcome Ben
  • How Ben started on TikTok
  • Why Ben started ASC
  • Ben’s FAQ
  • Ben’s most interesting facts about the Brain
  • How to Brian communicates with itself
  • What happens when you sleep
  • One of Ben’s craziest dreams
  • What comes next for Ben
  • Ben's best advice for you